Meal Schedule

The Boston chapter of Food Not Bombs serves a free and healthy vegan meal every week. Run solely by volunteers, at Food Not Bombs you'll find no bosses or leaders. We serve one meal weekly year-round and rarely, if ever, miss a meal. We also sometimes serve at special events and protests. Everyone is encouraged to come eat, volunteer, and share ideas. All are welcome at our table.

Our Saturday Meal

On Saturdays from 9:30am-12:30pm, we cook our meal currently at one of our members' homes; we have recently left the Cambridge Community Center and are in-between permanent locations. We then transport food to the Carl F. Barron Plaza in Cambridge Central Square,(starting April 2024 until construction is over, we are serving nearby in James Cronin Park) where we serve the meal from 1pm until food runs out (usually between 2-3). After we run out of food, we bring supplies back to the cook site and clean. You can join us to cook, serve, or both! We have limited cooking volunteer spots (please email us at to sign up), but anyone is welcome to just show up to volunteer at our serve. After you show up for a couple shifts, if you want to keep working with us, you can join our Discord group for further organizing. 

Any changes to this schedule will be posted to our facebook page

COVID-19 Precautions

Please note that we are currently limiting the number of people who cook because we have a small kitchen space. Please email us at to sign up to cook. Because the meal is served outside, we do not limit the number of people there, and you can join without signing up. Members are required to wear masks to cook and serve the food. 


Everyone is welcome to participate in whatever activities they are able to do. For specific questions, please contact us. Below is an overview of the spaces we use and the typical tasks that are available for volunteers: 

Our current cooking location requires you to go up five stairs and over a door-frame ledge. Food preparation typically includes some combination of washing and cutting vegetables, cooking soup, rice, or pasta, adding spices or flavoring, washing dishes, and carrying boxes of food downstairs after cooking. The countertop/island heights are taller than can be easily used while seated. 

Our serving location is outdoors in the Carl F. Barron Plaza of Cambridge Central Square. The plaza is wheelchair accessible and has bench space for sitting. Serving activities include setting up tables, serving food, answering questions about Food Not Bombs, and purchasing any last-minute supplies with our funds (e.g., silverware, plates, or salt). During the fall and winter months, we suggest that you dress as warmly as possible to serve with us.