Asked Questions

1. How can I volunteer with Boston Food Not Bombs?

Check out our Meal Schedule to learn more about joining! Our Facebook page is also updated with information about our cook and serve, especially in case of winter storms.

2. Can I volunteer with Boston Food Not Bombs to fulfill a volunteer/community service requirement?

Boston Food Not Bombs is not a registered nonprofit and might not be the best way to fulfill community service requirements. While we can confirm that you volunteered with us, you should check your service requirements to ensure that our lack of nonprofit status will not be an issue. Additionally, we are often unable to meet stricter volunteer or internship requirements such as having a dedicated supervisor/filling larger hours requirements because we are an all-volunteer, non-hierarchical organization. Food Not Bombs follows a model of mutual aid rather than community service. If you need to fulfill court-ordered community service hours, we encourage you to look into volunteering with our friends at Black and Pink Massachusetts.

3. Can my church group, university club, or other organization volunteer with Boston Food Not Bombs as a group?

We encourage any volunteers and especially large groups to read our anti-oppression policy to ensure that it aligns with your organization's mission.

While we are always happy to welcome volunteers, Boston Food Not Bombs is not equipped to handle larger groups of volunteers (10+) due to our kitchen size. We are able to accommodate smaller groups but ask that you reach out to let us know when you're coming. If you have a larger group and are interested in volunteering, we encourage you to consider sending small groups of volunteers each week. We occasionally have other projects which need more volunteers and encourage you to contact us to see how you can help.

4. Can Boston Food Not Bombs cook for my activist rally or event?

Boston Food Not Bombs strives to support local communities and organizations fighting oppression in all forms, and we are sometimes able to provide food in support. We encourage you to reach out personally to determine whether we have the capacity to support your event. Including the following information will help us in this decision:

    • Event details

      • What is the event?

      • What organization(s), if any, are putting on the event?

      • When is the event?

      • Do you want us to provide a full meal or just snacks?

      • How many people are expected to attend?

    • Are you able to provide support for us in any of the following ways?

      • Kitchen space: does your space have a kitchen we can use to cook and clean in before, during, and after the event?

      • Material support: are you able to provide any food for cooking/serving? Are you able to provide plates, bowls, cups, utensils?

      • Financial support: are you able to provide direct financial support? Are you able to allow or assist us to collect donations from attendees during the event?

      • Note: providing support in terms of kitchen space, materials, or money is not required, but providing this information will help us better plan for your event and determine our capacity to support your event.